Rent a double seater in Leiden

Experience the ultimate cycling pleasure with a double seater – a bike with four wheels. No worries about cycling skills, as this stable and comfortable bike is perfect if you’re not good at cycling. Explore the beautiful surroundings together with your companion, admire landmarks, and enjoy the freedom of cycling. Strengthen social bonds and create unforgettable memories. Rent a double seater today and let the adventure begin!

Dubbelzitter, Double seater

What is a double seater?

A double seater is a special type of bike with four wheels, designed to carry two people at the same time. Instead of the traditional two-wheel bike, the double seater has four wheels, making it exceptionally stable. The bike is equipped with two comfortable seats side by side, allowing two people to sit next to each other and pedal together. This makes the double seater ideal for people who are not good at cycling, people with limited mobility, or anyone who wants to enjoy joint bike rides. It’s a fun and social way to enjoy the outdoors and cycling together.

What does it cost to rent a double seater?

1 day: €27,-
3 days: €67,50-
7 days: €127,50
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*Prices include theft- and damage insurance.

How to return the bike?

When can you actually return the city bike? If you are still enjoying watching the sunset in Noordwijk, or (spontaneously) decide to spend the night somewhere, that’s no problem! You can return the bikes at the following times:

After closing hours
Park your bike in front of our bike rental and put the key through the back door.

24/7 retour

Next morning
Hand in the bike the next morning before 10:00 and we will not charge an extra day. Gives you time to sleep in.


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