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Insure your E-bike, a safe idea.

Insure your bike when purchasing it. This way, you will not be faced with any surprises.

ENRA Insurances

EasyFiets works together with ENRA to offer you a suiting insurance. Theft, damage and roadside assistance, whatever you need. Take out your insurance directly online, or we will do it together when you pick up your bike. Find the insurance options down below.

ENRA Basic

This insurance covers the theft of your bicycle, but not any damage. Because the electric bike is worth less over time, a depreciation applies to the ENRA Basic insurance:
1st year = 15%, 2nd year = 20%, 3rd year = 25%, 4th year = 35% and the 5th year = 50%

ENRA Optimal – Theft

Just like the ENRA Basic insurance, the ENRA Optimal – Theft insurance does not cover damage. However, for the ENRA Optimal – Theft insurance, depreciation does not apply. This means that if your bicycle is stolen after 3 years, you will receive an equivalent bicycle as the one you bought.

ENRA Optimal – Casco

This is the insurance that covers the most from ENRA. Both theft and damage fall under this insurance. In case of damage, you pay an own risk of €35.

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*ENRA Pechhulp dekt alleen voor pech onderweg. Geen diefstal of schade.
*ENRA Connected geldt alleen voor bepaalde fietsen. Niet een EasyFiets Electric.

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