Service en onderhoud elektrische fiets.

Great service: keep on cycling.

You’ve bought your bicycle, now you will continue to cycle on it for several years. We will assist you throughout the years to make sure there are no problems whatsoever.


Sadly enough,  it is unavoidable for bicycles to get damaged. Fortunately, most of this can be prevented with proper maintenance. We at EasyFiets offer a full maintenance service for only €45,-.  Of course you can always drop by if you have a flat tire, need new lighting or any other fixes.

Good advice

When picking up or delivering the E-bike to your home, we always check the most common flaws of the bicycle. Good maintenance starts with the use of the bicycle, which can have repercussions on the maintenance. If we find problems, we will look into these in consultation with you. After all, we are the experts and you want cycle carefree.

Service with a smile

Cycling is fun and carefree. Thanks to our maintenance, you have nothing to worry about. We provide a quick and appropriate solution after which you will cycle away with a smile. Soon you will be disappointed that you have not visited EasyFiets for a while for a nice cup of coffee (with the additional luxury of your bicycle getting repaired).


Service package EasyFiets

Pay a fixed monthly fee so that your bike is always well maintained. Flat tire, defect lighting or simply want your bike overhauled, call us up and we’ll be at your service!

Even if you only come to have your flat tire repaired, we will examine your whole bicycle as well. We will check if you have any weak or broken spokes, all of your lights still work and examine your screw bolts. This ensures that your bike requires less maintenance in the future, which results in spending less money.

1 month€12
1 year€120 (€10 pm)
3 years€324 (€9 pm)

Note: the service package is only possible in combination with a purchase of an EasyFiets E-bike.

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Frequently asked questions

Is your question not on the list? Mail or call us! Or see our FAQ.

The service package covers the most common repairs. Like a flat tire, loose chain of the cables on the brakes. Damages to the bikes are not included and can be insured.

When does it apply?

Normal use
(Small) accident
Flat tireBroken display
Loose chainBroken spokes
Broken lightsBattery holder broken
Replace breaking cableBrake handle broken

In most cases no longer than a day. And even then you can borrow a bike to use. In case it does take longer we will inform you and look for a temporary solution. As a customer of EasyFiets you are never without a bike.