Cycling in Leiden

Cycling in Leiden is no easy task. It requires training, excellent instincts and courage. EasyFiets is here to help you on your way.

Mind Your Surroundings

Let others know where you are going. This means sticking out your hand to indicate your direction and looking over your shoulder.

Always ride on the right side of the road

The cycling lane will be marked red with white bicycle logos painted on the ground. Make sure to use these where possible, otherwise use the right side of the road.

Parking your bike

When parking your bike use a bicycle rack. Especially near the station the municipality is very strict on where you park your bike. Park it at the wrong spot and it will be gone the same day. And most important: lock it! Even for 5 minutes.

Don’t Cycle in Crowded Streets

The Haarlemmerstraat and markets on Wednesday and Saturday are very crowded. It’s illegal to cycle there and very inconvenient to walk with a bike at your hand. So park it somewhere or ride around it.

…and furthermore, have fun on your Fiets!

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