Fietsen in Katwijk

Bike rental Leiden

Go for a nice ride in the beautiful city of Leiden. Take the time to explore the city, the beach or the surrounding area with its fields of flowers by hiring a bike from EasyFiets.


Our rental bikes

Citybikes, E-bikes, (E-) cargobikes, tandems and children bicycles. Anything you need, we have it!

Routes and Tours

Where do you want to go? Instead of simply choosing the quickest road, you can choose a fun cycling route. These routes are set throughout the most beautiful places within the region of Leiden. The routes of Route.nl are easily accessible and in a split second on your phone.

Besides cycling routes, we also have Interactive Cycling Tours. With an app on your phone you find your way through Leiden whilst figuring out puzzles, quizzes and challenges.

Book online

Fast and simple. Book your bike online and you will be on your way within 5 minutes. Our electric bikes are very popular, so make sure you don’t miss out!


Yes, let’s go cycling!

Our rental bikes

Citybikes, Electric bikes, box bikes. We have it all.

Routes and tours

Where are you going? Pick a nice cycling route or book a fun tour!

Reserve online

Reserve online and you are on your way in 5 minutes!


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