Bij fietsverhuur EasyFiets in Leiden huur je fietsen voor een dag. Geniet van een dagje uit samen!

Bike rental Leiden

At Bike rental EasyFiets Leiden we have a broad selection of bikes. From tandems to e-bikes, with us you are sure to have a nice bike ride! We also provide you with some nice cycling routes around Leiden. Reserve your bike on our website and pick out your bike. Don’t worry about rain. If it rains you can always cancel your reservation. Bikes can be returned the same evening or the next morning. So no need to rush.


Our rental bikes

We have a broad selection for our rental bikes. You can rent a citybike, e-bike, cargobikes (also electric cargobikes), tandems (even an electric tandem) and children bicycles. Anything you need, we have it!

Routes and Tours

Where do you want to go? Instead of simply choosing the quickest road, you can choose a fun cycling route. These routes are set throughout the most beautiful places within the region of Leiden. The routes of Route.nl are easily accessible and in a split second on your phone.

Besides cycling routes, we also have Interactive Cycling Tours. With an app on your phone you find your way through Leiden whilst figuring out puzzles, quizzes and challenges.

Maak een proefrit e-bike op de elektrische fiets merk Pointer bij fietsenwinkel EasyFiets in Leiden. 

Return your rental bike

After closing hours

After a nice day of cycling we understand you would like to eat something. That’s why you can return almost all our bikes even when the shop is closed.

The only exception is our e-tandem and e-cargobike.

The next morning

You can always return our bikes the next morning before 10:00 in the morning.

Rain insurance

Cycling is no fun when it rains. That’s why you always get your money back when it rains.

Also when you have reserved in advance.
Also when it start to pour when you come to our shop.
Even when you are cycling away and it begins to rain.

Maak samen een proefrit op de elektrische fiets Pointer in Leiden. Geniet van een smoothie van de Leidse Lente. 

Yes, let’s go cycling!

Our rental bikes

Citybikes, Electric bikes, box bikes. We have it all.

Routes and tours

Where are you going? Pick a nice cycling route or book a fun tour!

Reserve online

Reserve online and you are on your way in 5 minutes!


Your question not in the list? Mail or call us! Or see FAQ.

Our mission is to make sure people can drive easily, affordable and carefree. We accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle bikes that would otherwise be trown away and refurbish them as a lease bike. For a fixed fee you can drive around, service and maintenance included.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A good bike, nice route and easily booked. From city bike to E-bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice ride on our bikes.

E-bikes, we offer the ease of an electric bike without the risks and hassles. We select a bike whith which you can enjoy carefree cycling. You can adjust it to your liking and be on your way!

Then you can call us as soon as you find out. We will declare the theft to the police and together we will find a suitable solution for the rest of your trip. Did you take the theft guarantee? Then there are no costs for you.

BikeAccessDepositGuaranteeAccess with guaranteeAccess with bike not locked*
City bike€250€0€1 a day€0€200 + €150 (negligence fee)
E-bike€1000€100 or valid ID€5 a day€0€750 + €500 (negligence fee)
Tandem€250€0€2 a day€0€250 + €200 (negligence fee)
Cargo bike€250€0€2 a day€0€250 + €200 (negligence fee)
E-cargo bike€2000€200 of Nederlands indentificatienummer€10 a day€0€2000 + €1000 (negligence fee)
Child’s bike€50€0€0,75 a day€0€50 + €50 (negligence fee)

*If the bike was not locked the guarantee does not apply and a negligence fee is added.

BikeOwn riskDepositInsuranceOwn risk with insuraceOwn risk bike not locked*
Citybike€250€0€1 a day€0€200 + €150 (negligence fee)
E-bike€1000€0€5 a day€0€750 + €500 (negligence fee)
Tandem€250€0€2 a day€0€250 + €200 (negligence fee)
Cargobike€250€0€2 a day€0€250 + €200 (negligence fee)
E-cargobike€2600€0€10 a day€0€2600 + €1000 (negligence fee)
Child’s bike€50€0€0,75 a day€0€50 + €50 (negligence fee)

*If the bike is not locked, the theft insurance does not count and we charge a negligence fee.

No we do not ask for a deposit. Just a valid ID to check if you really exist.

We rent out bikes per day. This means that if you rent a bike on Monday it should be back Tuesday before 10 in the morning.

Call us and we will find a solution. We can come to you or find a bicycle mechanic nearby, whichever is easiest and most convenient.