Bike rental Leiden

€10 a day

Return 24/7

Free cycling routes available

Bike rental in Leiden for a beautiful day

Renting a bike is the perfect way to explore Leiden. See highlights like de Burcht, Sterrenwacht and the Koornbrug. Go to the sea for a nice day at the beach or cycle along the meadows, mills and lakes north of Leiden. With our brand new rental bikes the possibilities are endless!

Need some help getting to your destination? Use one of our detailed cycling routes. Take your time because you can bring the bikes back until midnight.

So you want to explore Leiden in an easy and fun way? Rent a bike for only €10 a day. Parked at our parking lot and you get a discount of 20% on the bike rental!

Rental bike


€10 a day

A nice city bike with handbrakes and 3 speeds. Perfect for a trip through Leiden, the beach or the lakes in and around Leiden. We also have a gentlemens frame and smaller frames. A perfect bike for everyone!



€20 a day

Need a little support when cycling? Rent an E-bike and get wherever you like more comfortably. E-bikes can only be returned within opening hours.



€20 a day

Taking the kids along? Rent a box bike! With 2 or 4 seats your kids can enjoy a beautiful day in the bike. For some extra safety we have helmets, free of charge.



€20 a day

Are you happier together than alone? Go together on our beautiful tandem! You’ll go 1,5 times faster and you don’t need to steer (one of you at least).



€5 per day


€2 per hour / €12,50 for entire day

Theft insurance

10% of the rental price


Until 24:00

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Cycling routes

Detailed routes are available when you pick up the bikes

The Kaag

A beautiful route that takes you trough the recreational area of the Kagerplassen. The Kagerplassen are a series of small lakes that is being used as fishing ground and for for recreational purposes.


The Bulb Region

Discover the Bollenstreek (bulb region) per bike! The versatile landscape and various cycling paths guarantee a lot of delightfull cycling moments. Especially de Keukenhof is a must see in this route, it is the biggest flowergarden of the Netherlands!

Katwijk and Noordwijk

Cycle from Leiden to the beach of Katwijk. The perfect setting for a stroll over the promenade, shopping or eating at one of the many restaurants Katwijk has to offer.