Lease je duurzame tweedehands fiets bij EasyFiets. Onze fietsenmaker in Leiden repareert tweedehands fietsen en tovert deze om tot een leasefiets!

High-quality recycled bicycles

All our bikes are second-hand and skillfully refurbished by our team of mechanics. We have bikes with a coaster brake, our standard bikes. The bikes with handbrakes and gears are the premium bikes.

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A selection of our bikes. Every bike is different!


  • Coaster brake
  • Single gear
  • Indestructible

You can lease a bike as short as three months!


  • Hand brakes
  • 3+ gears
  • Comfortable cycling

You can lease a bike as short as three months!

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A selection of our bikes. Every bike is different!

Service of your bike

If you have an EasyFiets bike, you do not need to worry about maintaining your bike. Flat tire, broken lighting or a bump in your wheel: drop by and we’ll fix it for you! Have no time? No worries, you’ll get a temporary bike whilst we repair yours.

We will care for the maintenance of your bike, so you can do what you do best: cycling (carefree).

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If anything was wrong with bicycle, from having my tires inflated to getting a new battery for my lights, this was quickly (and on the spot) repaired and I could continue cycling carefree. In short, I definitely reccomend EasyFiets! – Maaike

Proud to say that I’m a satisfied customer for over four years now! Quick service and very friendly staff. I can’t imagine my life without EasyFiets ? – Michelle

Awesome service, great bikes and very affordable! Even with my 2m height and long legs, they find a way to help me out and have a good bike prepared when I need a new one. – Bob

Accessories on bicycle

Completely adjusted to your wishes. Easily add accessories to your bicycle. Both available for rent as purchase.

Theft warranty

Secure your deposit. With a theft warranty you will not lose the deposit when your bike is stolen. Do make sure to lock your bike at all times!

€2 a month Standaard – €3 a month Premium


Using your phone whilst cycling is very dangerous, and even illegal. To continue navigating or answer your phone safely, use our phoneholder.

€25 a piece

Plug-in lock

Secure your bicycle with a plug-in lock. It works with the same key as your included bicycle lock. Very easy!

€1 a month – €25 new

Cycling bags

Perhaps not very elegant, but very useful! Besides the black ones, we have ones with fun patterns as well. Check the webshop for more information.

€2 a month – from €40 new

Children’s seat

Go on a trip with your little one. Convenient, but mainly fun and exciting. Available for the front as well as the back.

€5 a month – from €80 new

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Yes, I’m convinced!

About us

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What does EasyFiets do? What drives the people that work here?


Zakelijk fiets lopen

Company bicycles, maintenance and bikes for employees.


Your question not in the list? Mail or call us! Or see FAQ.

Just come over. We will fix your bike within 30 minutes or you get a another one from us.

Visit us within 48 hours to declare the theft of the bike to the police. Afterwards your pay a new deposit and you can take another bike with you.

You can trade in your old bicycle for a free month of leasing. It’s also possible to lease it back. We fix up your bike and give it a beautiful red seat. Your bike does have to be approved by our mechanics. Not every bikes has it in it to become a true EasyFiets.

We have a wide range of bikes to choose from. Typical Dutch granny bikes, men’s bikes with or without gears.

Yes, all of our bikes are equipped with an Axa ringlock. You can also rent or buy a chain lock so you can lock it to something.

Yes, all bikes are equipped with a front- and backlight. If these break down or if the batteries die out, just stop by and we fix it for free. Don’t drive around without light, it’s dangerous and you can get a pretty big fine.