Bicycle repair

Get your bike fixed at EasyFiets. In wintertime we have a bit more time on our hands. That’s why we will repair some non-EasyFiets bikes as well. That way more people can enjoy the EasyFiets Service!


Our mechanics are not only fast, but also very good. The right bolts and nuts so you don’t have to stop by anytime soon.


You get a cup of coffee or tea and take a seat in the cantine. Before you finish your drink your bike is ready to go!


Not only skilled and fast but friendly as well? We are at EasyFiets. We love our job and you can notice. We will make you leave on your repaired bike with a smile on your face.


RepairPriceWaiting time(minutes)
Replace inner tube front (flat tire)€ 1515
Replace inner tube back (flat tire)€ 2330
Replace outer tube front (flat tire)€ 1915
Replace outer tube back (flat tire)€ 2730
– Discount inner and outer tube front-€ 10
– Discount inner and outer tube back-€ 18
+ added price anti-leaking€ 100
Tension on chain€ 1115
New chain€ 2122,5
New pedals€ 1715
New mud guard front€ 1915
New mud guard back€ 3637,5
Fix mud guard€ 5 – € 205 – 20
Replace front light€ 107,5
Replace back light€ 107,5
Replace bell€ 73
Replace kickstand€ 1615