Fietsen door de stad op je duurzame lease fiets. Deze lease je bij fietsenwinkel EasyFiets in Leiden. 

EasyFiets Recycled

Discover the benefits of our recycled bicycles! With our convenient monthly subscription, you gain access to sustainable and reliable bikes. Perfect for students! Enjoy the freedom and convenience of a recycled bike without worrying about high costs or maintenance.

Lease een fiets voor een vast bedrag per maand

Lease a bike

At EasyFiets we fix up old and thrown away bikes and ensure that they can live for several extra years. You can rent an improved second-hand bicycle for a monthly fee, including maintenance. This way, you’ll never have to worry about costly repairs. Choose EasyFiets and our sustainable urban rides!

Business bicycles

Do you want more mobility at the office? Or bicycles for your staff? Or maintenance for the currently used bicycles? Anything, we are happy to help.

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Recycled bicycles

Every year, at least thousands of bicycles are discarded, thrown away and destroyed. A shame, if you ask us. This is why we collect and recycle old bicycles. Many of these bicycles can last for years and years! If you have a spare bike, you are welcome to return it at EasyFiets on the Haagweg.

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Our lease bikes

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What kind of bike can you expect?

About us

Easyfiets gezelligheid in werkplaats

What does EasyFiets do? What drives the people that work here?


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Company bicycles, maintenance and bikes for employees.


Your question not in the list? Mail or call us! Or see FAQ.

Our mission is to make sure people can cycle easily, affordable and carefree. We try to accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle left-over bikes and get them back on the streets as refurbished lease bikes. For a fixed fee you get a bike, including maintenance and service.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A decent bike, fun cycling routes and easily booked. From citybike to electric bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice day on a bike.

Electric bikes. We offer the convenience of an E-bike without the risks and hassle. We select the bike with which you can cycle for many years to come. Adjust it you your needs and let us take care of it.

We collect bikes from various parties. From municipalities,  appartment managers or people who have an extra bike in the shed. We take in these bikes and see if we can recycle them.

We have bikes with pedal brakes or handbrakes and gears. See our page about Our bikes for more information.

You can pay online or in the store at the beginning of your subscription. Then you can choose for a direct debit payment or prepaid. With direct debit your subscription will be automatically extended at the beginning of each month. We will automatically withdraw the money from your bank account, a valid IBAN is herefore required. You can also pay for a selected period in advance with prepaid. After that you can easily extend the contract in the shop or hand in the bike.

You can hand in the bike at the end of the rental period and you will get your deposit back.

The minimal leasing period is 3 months. If you need a bike for a few days we have rental bikes, which you can rent per day. See our page Bike Rental for more information.