Need a bike?

Maintenance included – Monthly subscription – Recycled and sustainable

Need a bike?

Maintenance included

Recycled and sustainable



€12 per month

Back pedal brake

1 gear

€40 deposit



€17,50 per month


3+ gears

€60 deposit

Maintenance included

With your lease subscription the maintenance is included. So if you have a flat tire, broken chain or not working lights. We will fix it for you. Repair taking too long or you’re in a hurry? Don’t worry, we will just give you another bike!

Order online

You tell us what kind of bike you like, Standard or Premium. We make an appointment to deliver the bike, this can be as soon as the next day!

Friends discount

For every new customer that picks up a bike you get a discount! €5 for automatic contracts and €2,50 for prepaid contracts.

Recycled bikes

EasyFiets only uses recycled bicycles for the lease. These are bikes that are taking in by the municipality, housing corporations or people with an extra bike in the shed and are trown away. We take these bikes in and fix them up again. So you get a perfectly functioning bike for a good price.


Theft insurance

€2/€3 a month
If you lose the bike while it was locked, you don’t lose your deposit.

Chain lock

€1 a month
€10 to buy

Bicycle bags

€2 a month
€15 to buy

Phone holder


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)