Renting a cargo bike in Leiden

Having a nice day out with the kids or going out by bike? At bike rental EasyFiets, we also rent cargo bikes. Your child can sit safely in the cargo bike on a seat with a belt. Rent the cargo bike and enjoy a carefree day out!

Huur een bakfiets bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets in Leiden. De keuze uit bakfiets met twee wielen of drie wielen.

What is a cargo bike?

A cargo bike is a larger bicycle with a box at the front. It contains a seat with belts so the children can sit safely. At bike rental EasyFiets, we have several types of cargo bikes. What is the difference between a cargo bike with two wheels and one with three wheels? Below we explain the differences.

A cargo bike has a bit more weight and with children it can get heavy. That is why we also have an electric cargo bike for rent.

Renting a two-wheeled cargo bike

At bike rental EasyFiets, we have a two-wheeled cargo bike for rent. The name says it all, a cargo bike with two wheels. This one therefore cycles more like a normal bike. It is only a bit larger. Cycling this bike takes some time to get used to. Fortunately, you can easily cycle around our property to try it out before renting it.

What does renting a two-wheeled cargo bike cost?

  • The two-wheeled cargo bike costs €25,- for the first day.
  • The theft guarantee costs €2,- per day.
Bakfiets huren bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets Leiden. Keuze uit tweewiel of driewiel bakfietsen huren.

Rent a three-wheeled cargo bike

What is a three-wheeled cargo bike? This cargo bike has three wheels which makes the bike stable. It does cycle a bit differently from what you are used to because of the two front wheels. When you come to rent the cargo bike, you can always try it out. This way, you can cycle away carefree on your three-wheel cargo bike!

What does renting a three-wheeled cargo bike cost?

  • The three-wheeled cargo bike costs €25,- for the first day.
  • The theft guarantee costs €2,- per day.

Rent an electric cargo bike

Renting an electric cargo bike is perfect for a carefree day out with the kids. Thanks to the motor, you can easily cycle longer distances. Especially nice after a busy day with the kids. At bike rental EasyFiets, we also rent out electric bikes. It’s convenient to rent an e-bike for the other cyclists! This way, everyone can enjoy carefree cycling!

What does renting an electric cargo bike cost?

  • The electric cargo bike costs €40,- for the first day. – More about the electric cargo bike
  • The theft guarantee costs €10,- per day.
elektrische bakfiets fietsverhuur leiden

Yes, let’s go cycling!

Returning the cargo bike

When can you actually return the cargo bike? If you are still enjoying watching the sunset in Noordwijk, or (spontaneously) decide to spend the night somewhere, that’s no problem! You can return the bikes at the following times:

  • After closing hours

Very easy, park your bike in front of our bike rental and put the key through the letterbox. That’s it!

  • Next morning

You can also return your bike the next day without paying for an extra day. All our bikes can be returned before 10:00 the next morning.

* Unfortunately, we cannot offer this arrangement for the electric cargo bike since it needs to be recharged for the next day.

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