Bij EasyFiets fietsverhuur huur je een stadsfiets voor een tocht naar de bollenstreek of Katwijk en Noordwijk.

Our rental bikes

From E-bikes to cargo bikes, we have it all to give you a beautiful day out!

Prices vary on the amount of days you rent a bike. Check our booking page to see your price.



A terrific citybike with hand brakes. Perfect for a ride through Leiden, to the beach or to the Kaag. We have a model for men and children too, hence a right bike for everyone.

24/7 return


Want to cycle with a bit more help? Rent an E-bike at EasyFiets! With a battery range of 100km, you can easily explore the entire region.

24/7 return


Yes, let’s go cycling!

Electric cargobike

Want to have a day out with the children? Rent an electric cargobike! With either 2 or 4 seats, your children can enjoy a wonderful day out. If wanted, we have helmets for extra safety.


Want to have a day out with the children? Rent a cargobike! With either 2 or 4 seats, your children can enjoy a wonderful day out. We have a small and large cargobike, either with two wheels or with three. If wanted, we have helmets for extra safety.

24/7 return

Bakfiets huren bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets Leiden. Keuze uit tweewiel of driewiel bakfietsen huren.
Tandem huren in leiden bij ea


Don’t want to go alone? Or simply have a hilarious day out with your friend or partner? Go on a fun ride together on the tandem. Twice as fast and if you’re in the back, you don’t even need to steer. Teamwork makes a dream work!

24/7 return

Parent-Child Tandem

Have a wonderful day with your child on a tandem. You steer and he or she máy pedal along. Very safe and super fun!

24/7 return

Leuk op pad met je kind met de fiets. Huur bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets een ouder-kind tandem.
Een leuke fietstocht met je kinderen. Huur een kinderfiets bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets.

Children’s bike

Take your children with you on the colourful EasyFiets children’s bikes! A 24 inch bicycle for children aged between 7-10 (clothing size 134-140 cm).

24/7 return

Children’s seat

A day of cycling with your children safely in front of you. Accessible to be installed on most bicycles.

Frontseat: 9 – 15 kg
Backseat: 9 – 22 kg

24/7 return


Yes, let’s go cycling!

Our rental bikes

Citybikes, Electric bikes, box bikes. We have it all.

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CitybikeLadies (5 mens)46 tot 54cmHandbrakes324/7Double lock
E-bikeLadies50 tot 54cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
Box bikeTwo wheels, three wheels50cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-box bikeTwo wheels50cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
TandemTwo seats50cmHandbrakes324/7Double lock
Parent-Child TandemLow seat in front50cmHandbrakes324/7Double lock
Kid’s bikeLadies24 and 26 inch wheelsHandbrakes324/7Double lock

The E-bike has a reach of 80km. The electri box bike between 50 and 70km. This very well depends on the amount of peddling by the driver and the support level. A little wind in the back will also help!