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Beautiful cycling routes or a fun tour.

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Cycling routes (for free)

Especially for you we have created a set of fun routes in Fietsnetwerk. These tours are free of charge. You simply download the app and find the routes on your phone. You can also get a route when you pick up your bike at EasyFiets.

Tour with guide

Explore Leiden on the bicycle with cycling tour Leiden. With an enthusiastic guide, you will tour through the city of Leiden. The city centre is known for its beautiful, ancient buildings. Some of them are centuries old.

Book a tour at our partner Groepswijzer and we will take care of your bicycles.

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Plaatje - Fiets in elkaar - Standaard abb 1.4

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Routes and tours

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Where are you going? Pick a nice cycling route or book a fun tour!

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The routes we made go through Leiden, to Katwijk (beach), through the Bulb region (Keukenhof), through Meijendel (The Hague) and along the Kaag.

Our routes use the Dutch junction point network. This is a connected grid of cycling routes using numbers to indicate where to go. If you are going to junciton 5 you follow the green and white signs saying 5 until you reach it. When you get there you go to 11 for example. You continue this until you have finished the whole route.

Using the Fietsnetwerk app you can easily follow the route on your phone and see where you are on the map.