Bij EasyFiets fietsverhuur huur je een stadsfiets voor een tocht naar de bollenstreek of Katwijk en Noordwijk.

Cycling through the Flower Fields

At EasyFiets, when renting a bike, you receive free fun cycling routes. Like this tulip cycling route, which takes you through the heart of the Flower Fields. This is something you shouldn’t miss, especially in spring when the flowers are in full bloom. Therefore, rent your bike directly at EasyFiets, bring your camera, and explore the colorful fields in the Flower Fields.

Cycling tours

Before Departure

Upon renting the bike, you will receive a booklet with the various cycling nodes of the flower bulb region. Or even easier: download the app from Fietsnetwerk before departure and scan the QR code of the cycling tour with your phone! In the app, you can also easily add your stopping points to the cycling route.

Tip: With our phone holders, you can safely and easily follow your cycling route.

Best Time to Visit the Tulip Fields

The blooming period of the tulips in the Flower Fields takes place annually in spring, depending on the weather conditions. This is the moment when the fields form a colorful spectacle. This is also known as the Tulip Festival. The precise moment may vary depending on the weather and the blooming period of the tulips, but generally, the end of April is often a good time to visit the tulip fields.

In summer, the Dahlias bloom abundantly, and you can admire the Dahlia show gardens during the Dahlia Festival between August and October. There are also various other summer flowers blooming, such as sunflowers, cannas, and tigridias.

Before your departure, check if there is a special event, such as the Keukenhof in Lisse, so you can add it to your route. Keep in mind that during the peak season, it can also be extra busy, so it is wise to go early in the day or visit on weekdays to avoid the crowds.

Bollenteelt in het middengebied van Noordwijk luchtfoto

47.59 km

2:59 hours

Distance of the Tulip Route

The distance of the cycling route through the Flower Fields is 47.59 km, which takes approximately 2 hours and 59 minutes. Would you rather rent an electric bike at EasyFiets? That’s possible! Then the route takes about 2 hours and 23 minutes. 

Experience the Color Spectacle of the Flower Fields

To make the most out of your visit, we recommend exploring the tulip fields during the peak of their bloom. During this period, the fields are filled with colorful flowers, making it a breathtaking sight you shouldn’t miss. Besides tulips, you’ll also find daffodils and hyacinths blooming abundantly. Did you know that the Flower Fields also boast many kilometers of beaches? The beautiful dune area, the wildlife, and visiting magnificent estates complete your cycling experience. 

keukenhof veld pad
Samen fietsen door de Bollenstreek. Fietsverhuur EasyFiets in Leiden maakt het mogelijk!

The Cycling Route

This flowery cycling route starts, after renting the bike at EasyFiets, at node 68 on Rijksstraatweg 39 in Sassenheim. From here, you cycle via Voorhout to Noordwijk. Here, you can relax on the beach of Langevelderslag and enjoy the Dutch Dune Area where you can spot deer, foxes, and rabbits. The route continues to the cozy flower village of Noordwijkerhout, also known as the heart of the Flower Fields. Along the flower fields, you cycle to Lisse, which is known for the Keukenhof. This flower park attracts nearly a million visitors from all over the world annually and is definitely worth a visit. In spring, various events are organized here, such as the tulip festival where you can pick tulips for free. Before your departure, do some research and check when the flowers are in bloom by visiting the Flower Map website. 

Rules for Visiting the Tulip Fields

The flower fields of the Flower Fields attract thousands of visitors from all over the world annually. Although the tulip fields are publicly accessible, it is important to respect the rules and etiquette during your visit. Entering the fields is generally not allowed to prevent damage to the crops. It is advisable to stay on the designated paths and roads. In addition, visitors are kindly requested not to leave any litter and to respect the natural environment.

Picking flowers in the tulip fields is generally not allowed. Fortunately, local flower kiosks and markets offer fresh tulips to enjoy and take home as a souvenir of your visit to the Flower Fields. 

EasyFiets fietstour bollenstreek
Plaatje - Fiets in elkaar - Standaard abb 1.4

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