Huur een elektrische bakfiets voor een dag of meerdere dagen bij Fietsverhuur EasyFiets in Leiden. Check hier hoe veel het kost om een elektrische bakfiets te huren.

Renting an electric cargo bike in Leiden

Not into cycling against the wind on a heavy cargo bike? Then enjoy the convenience of an electric cargo bike! At EasyFiets, we rent out a Babboe City-E. Rent an electric cargo bike of good quality, on which you can cycle carefree!

elektrische bakfiets fietsverhuur leiden

What is an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike is a longer bicycle with a spacious box on the front of the bike. The large cargo box on the front makes it easy to transport children on the bike. At bike rental EasyFiets, we have an electric cargo bike available. This has a motor that makes pedaling with the cargo bike much less heavy. Going out with your children, to the beach or through the dunes. Rent the electric cargo bike from EasyFiets and enjoy carefree cycling!

What does renting an electric cargo bike cost?

How much does it cost to rent an electric cargo bike? At bike rental EasyFiets, we have a fixed price for the electric cargo bike per day. You can reserve and rent the electric cargo bike for one day, several days, a week, or more!

What does renting an electric cargo bike cost?

  • The electric cargo bike costs €40,- for the first day.
  • The theft guarantee costs €5,- per day.
Wat kost het om een elektrische bakfiets van Babboe te huren in Leiden? Bij Fietsverhuur Easyfiets in Leiden kost het huren van de elektrische bakfiets slechts 50 euro per dag.

Yes, let’s go cycling!

When can I return the electric cargo bike?

For how long do you rent the electric cargo bike? If you rent the electric cargo bike from us, you can return it within opening hours. This means returning the bike before 5 or 6 pm, or the next day between 9 and 10 am. We will then give you a charger so you can charge the electric cargo bike overnight. Then we will not charge for an extra day.


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