Bij EasyFiets kun je deze mooie elektrische fiets kopen. Een E-bike van Nederlandse bodem!

EasyFiets Electric

● Quality E-bikes

● Maintenance and service

● Free testdrive

De elektrische fiets, De Bayck, in de oranje uitvoering. Nu te koop bij EasyFiets in Leiden. 

The Bayck

  • Customise your E-bike
  • Choose your colour
  • Control via your phone

The Pointer

  • Established brand
  • Front- or midwheel engine
  • Long-lasting battery
Altijd al een elektrische fiets willen kopen? Deze pointer is te koop bij fietsenwinkel EasyFiets in Leiden.

The bicycles that EasyFiets offers are of great quality. When the bike has a flaw, this is fixed almost immediately. A great company with excellent service!

– Max (Lease customer)

Maintenance and service

A quality product such as the E-bike needs good maintenance. After purchasing your bike at EasyFiets, we remain actively involved with the maintenance of your bicycle. If you have any problems with your bike, you can always call or simply drop by. We will fix your bike no-time, whilst you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Once a customer at EasyFiets, always a customer at EasyFiets.

Yes, I want to try it out!

Meer informatie

The Pointer

Read everything about the electric bike from Pointer!


Safe and carefree cycling? Make sure your maintenance is taken care of.


Insure your bike against theft and damages.

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not on the list? Mail or call us! Or see our FAQ.

Our mission is to make sure people can drive easily, affordable and carefree. We accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle bikes that would otherwise be trown away and refurbish them as a lease bike. For a fixed fee you can drive around, service and maintenance included.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A good bike, nice route and easily booked. From city bike to E-bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice ride on our bikes.

E-bikes, we offer the ease of an electric bike without the risks and hassles. We select a bike whith which you can enjoy carefree cycling. You can adjust it to your liking and be on your way!

Let’s turn this question around. Why do so many shops offer so many E-bikes? If you want to go from A to B but in a faster way, there’s no need to choose between 30+ bikes. We have selected a bike for you whith which we are comfortable to let you use it.

Thank you for asking, we have dedicated a full page to that. See Service E-bike for more information.

Insurance seems complex, that’s why we try to make it easy. See Insurance E-bike for more information about our bicycle insurance.