Get a bike in Leiden rent or lease it for a monthly-fee including service and maintenance. Choose your fiets at EasyFiets during the OWL Leiden

OWL: Orientation Week Leiden

● Fixed monthly fee

● Refurbished bike

● Including maintenance

Get €5 discount during the OWL week!

Fietsen door Leiden. Deze tweedehands lease fietsen zijn duurzaam!

About EasyFiets

Every year, there are thousands of bikes thrown away and destroyed. A shame, we think! This is why we repair the old bikes so they can cycle for years to come. The bicycles we lease are including maintenance, so you can always come by for a repair, fixing your light, or anything else! This way you can avoid huge repair costs, so you can cycle carefree.

What kind of bikes?

  • Recycled citybike
  • Pedal brake or handbrake
  • Including lock, lights and a nice red seat