Op de elektrische fiets naar werk! Wil jij ook een elektrische fiets kopen? Maak nu een gratis proefrit bij fietsenwinkel EasyFiets in Leiden!

10 Ride Pass

The EasyFiets 10-ride pass – the smart and cost-effective way to enjoy cycling! With our 10-ride pass, you can prepay for 10 bike rides and benefit from significant savings. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just looking for a fun and healthy way to explore the area, our 10-ride pass offers the perfect opportunity to get more out of your bike rides.

City Bike

Your 10-ride pass for a city bike is €80, making it €8 per ride. That’s nearly 40% off on your bike tour.


Your 10-ride pass for an e-bike is €200, making it €20 per ride. That’s nearly 40% off on your bike tour.

How Does It Work?

With our ride pass, we use Spari. With this free app, you can keep track of your ride pass. On your first rental day, you purchase a ride pass and create a Spari account. The next time, you can reserve your bike via info@easyfiets.nl, and we’ll have the bike ready for you!

Your ride pass is valid as long as EasyFiets is a bike rental company.


Reserve online and be off in 5 minutes!

Our rental bikes

Citybikes, Electric bikes, box bikes. We have it all.

Routes and tours

Where are you going? Pick a nice cycling route or book a fun tour!

Reserve online

Reserve online and you are on your way in 5 minutes!


Your question not in the list? Mail or call us! Or see FAQ.

CitybikeLadies/td>42 tot 54cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-bikeLadies50 tot 54cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
Box bikeTwo wheels, three wheels50cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-box bikeTwo wheels50cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
TandemTwo seats50cmHandbrakes324/7Double lock
Parent-Child TandemLow seat in front50cmHandbrakes324/7Double lock
E-tandemTwo wheels electric50cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
Doubel seaterFour wheels50cmHandbrakes524/7Double lock
Kid’s bikeLadies24 and 26 inch wheelsHandbrakes324/7Double lock

The E-bike has a reach of 80km. The electri box bike between 50 and 70km. This very well depends on the amount of peddling by the driver and the support level. A little wind in the back will also help!