EasyFiets E-bike

● Front wheel engine

● Long lasting battery

● Dutch Origin

Pointer Edenta Voorwielmotor

Front wheel engine

EasyFiets has selected a bicycle with a front wheel motor. When rented out, this bicycle is praised for its comfort. The motor turns on when you start pedaling, and it is like you’re being pulled forward. Unlike mid-engine, you don’t necessarily have to apply force to move. However, if you’re planning to go a longer distance, it is useful to cycle a bit yourself as well.

Besides the great comfort this front-wheel engine offers, it is also a financial consideration. A mid-engine driven electric bike is often much more expensive and we think the EasyFiets E-bike is a much better price-quality ratio.

Longlasting battery

We offer three different batteries: ranged 60 km, 100 km or 145 km. This way you can decide what you want depending on your expected cycling distance a day. This battery can be taken off from the back of the E-bike and be charged inside. Besides it being safe and convenient, it is better for the battery than keeping it outside in the cold or heat.


We had three electric bikes whose batteries just didn’t want to die, incredible for the price you pay!

– Harm-Jan (Rental customer)


Dutch Origin

The bicycle is produced in the Dutch province “Friesland”, by the organisation Pointer. Pointer is a very established brand in the Netherlands, and has been providing EasyFiets with excellent rental bikes for years now. A great bike for a great price!


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