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Our mission is to make sure people can drive easily, affordable and carefree. We accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle bikes that would otherwise be trown away and refurbish them as a lease bike. For a fixed fee you can drive around, service and maintenance included.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A good bike, nice route and easily booked. From city bike to E-bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice ride on our bikes.

E-bikes, we offer the ease of an electric bike without the risks and hassles. We select a bike whith which you can enjoy carefree cycling. You can adjust it to your liking and be on your way!

Let’s turn this question around. Why do so many shops offer so many E-bikes? If you want to go from A to B but in a faster way, there’s no need to choose between 30+ bikes. We have selected a bike for you whith which we are comfortable to let you use it.

Thank you for asking, we have dedicated a full page to that. See Service E-bike for more information.

Insurance seems complex, that’s why we try to make it easy. See Insurance E-bike for more information about our bicycle insurance.

Our E-bikes

With a front-wheel motor you feel like the bike is pulling you. Also you don’t have to put any force on the pedals. Turning them around is enough to make the motor spin. There is no better or worse, just what you prefer.

We think it just rides wonderful. Furthermore it’s also a financial decision, since these motors are less expensive then center motors. So the price to quality ratio is much better.

Of course! Make an appointment to try the bike out for about an hour. You can also rent it for the full day, if you buy it you get the rental money back.

The basic battery has a reach of 60 km, the premium one a reach of 100 km and the ultra battery a reach of 145 km.

  • Make sure it never goes completely empty. If this does happen after a nice bike ride, put it straight on the charger.
  • If you don’t use it that much, make sure it is charged at least once a month.
  • Batteries don’t like it too cold or too hot. Keep them inside when it gets really hot or cold.

A full charging will take about 4 to 6 hours.

No this is not good for the battery. An hour is not a problem, but a whole is not good.


The service package covers the most common repairs. Like a flat tire, loose chain of the cables on the brakes. Damages to the bikes are not included and can be insured.

When does it apply?

Normal use
(Small) accident
Flat tireBroken display
Loose chainBroken spokes
Broken lightsBattery holder broken
Replace breaking cableBrake handle broken

In most cases no longer than a day. And even then you can borrow a bike to use. In case it does take longer we will inform you and look for a temporary solution. As a customer of EasyFiets you are never without a bike.


Please note that these answers are not the primary answers. The terms and conditions provided by ENRA insurance is always leading.

The short-term insurance is available per 3 or 5 years. The monthly insurance starts with a year and is monthly terminable after that.

For a short-term insurance you pay the insurance amount in front. The monthly insurance can be paid monthly or yearly.

Yes, that is possible. For instance if you are moving it is good to transfer the insurance as well. We are happy to help you with that.

That depends on the type of insurance. Theft of the bike is included in the basic insurance. Ther eis also an insurance for damages to the bike.

Not if the bike is stolen. For damages there is a excess.

We offer the basics, for more information visit https://www.enra.nl/fietsverzekering-dekking/ (only in Dutch, German or French).

Delivery time and delivery

The delivery costs differ per location. The cheepest is in Leiden, where we are located. We deliver mostly in Zuid-Holland and Noord-Holland.

We make a personal appointment to deliver the bike. No track and trace, but a call and a date. If you are not home for some unexpected reason, just call us and we will reschedule your appointment.

Other questions

You can order and pay for the bike online. You can also order it in the shop and finish the payment in the shop. We accept cash and all kinds of cards, including Mastercard and VISA.

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