Op de elektrische fiets de regio ontdekken. Huur of koop een elektrische fiets bij EasyFiets in Leiden. 

The Pointer E-bike

● Good quality

● Front- or midwheel engine

● Free testride

Altijd al een elektrische fiets willen kopen? Deze pointer is te koop bij fietsenwinkel EasyFiets in Leiden.

Good quality

The Pointer e-bikes are produced in the Dutch province “Friesland”. Pointer is a very established brand in the Netherlands, and has been providing EasyFiets with excellent rental bikes for years now. A great bike for a great price!

We had three electric bikes whose batteries just didn’t want to die, incredible for the price you pay!

– Harm-Jan (Rental customer)

Pointer Edenta

The Pointer Edenta contains a front wheel motor, which offers a great quality-price ratio.

  • Maintenance friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp price

Pointer Ducora

The Pointer Ducora is considered to be a more luxurious e-bike, because of the mid-wheel engine.

  • Powerful
  • Stable weight distribution
  • Natural support
  • Efficient engine

Free testride

Not sure which e-bike you want? We can imagine! We offer a free testride where you can test out the e-bike, follow a nice route and see if the bike fits you. Fill in the form so we can contact you!

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