Rent an Electric Parent-Child Tandem in Leiden

Discover the world together on an electric parent-child tandem at EasyFiets in Leiden! Our tandem offers a unique and exciting way to spend quality time with your child while enjoying the outdoors. This specially designed parent-child tandem is equipped with electric assistance, making pedaling effortless and enjoyable, even for longer distances.


What is an Electric Parent-Child Tandem?

At EasyFiets bike rental, we also have one electric parent-child tandem. An electric parent-child tandem is an electric bike with two seating positions. The rear position is for an adult who steers the bike, and the child sits in the front. This allows the child to have a good view of the surroundings. The driver always has a clear view of the child from behind. Perfect for a longer ride, even with a bit of headwind. The motor assists you while cycling, so you never have to struggle too hard. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to teach children about traffic safety and cycling skills while keeping them active at the same time.

Rent the electric parent-child tandem quickly, because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

How Much Does Renting an Parent-Child Electric Tandem Cost?

How much does it cost to rent an parent-child electric tandem per day? At EasyFiets bike rental, we have the following prices:

1 dag: €50,-
3 dagen: €126,-
7 dagen: €246,-

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*Damage and theft insurance included.

When Can I Return the Tandem?

How long can you actually rent the electric parent-child tandem? The rental period for an electric parent-child tandem is per day, but because the bike may be rented out again the next day, we would like to have it back before closing time. This way, we can recharge the bike for the next day! If you want to rent the electric parent-child tandem for more than one day, we can provide you with the charger.






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