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Our mission is to make sure people can drive easily, affordable and carefree. We accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle bikes that would otherwise be trown away and refurbish them as a lease bike. For a fixed fee you can drive around, service and maintenance included.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A good bike, nice route and easily booked. From city bike to E-bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice ride on our bikes.

Then you can call us as soon as you find out. We will declare the theft to the police and together we will find a suitable solution for the rest of your trip. Did you take the theft guarantee? Then there are no costs for you.

BikeAccessDepositGuaranteeAccess with guaranteeAccess with bike not locked*
City bike€250€0€1 a day€0€300 + €150 (negligence fee)
E-bike€1000€100 or valid ID€5 a day€0€1000 + €500 (negligence fee)
Tandem€250€0€2 a day€0€500 + €200 (negligence fee)
Cargo bike€250€0€2 a day€0€300 + €200 (negligence fee)
E-cargo bike€2000€200 of Nederlands indentificatienummer€10 a day€0€2600 + €1000 (negligence fee)
Child’s bike€50€0€0,75 a day€0€200 + €50 (negligence fee)

*If the bike was not locked the guarantee does not apply and a negligence fee is added.

BikeOwn riskDepositInsuranceOwn risk with insuraceOwn risk bike not locked*
Citybike€250€0€1 a day€0€300 + €150 (negligence fee)
E-bike€1000€0€5 a day€0€1000 + €500 (negligence fee)
Tandem€250€0€2 a day€0€500 + €200 (negligence fee)
Cargobike€250€0€2 a day€0€300 + €200 (negligence fee)
E-cargobike€2600€0€10 a day€0€2600 + €1000 (negligence fee)
Child’s bike€50€0€0,75 a day€0€200 + €50 (negligence fee)

*If the bike is not locked, the theft insurance does not count and we charge a negligence fee.

No we do not ask for a deposit. Just a valid ID to check if you really exist.

We rent out bikes per day. This means that if you rent a bike on Monday it should be back Tuesday before 10 in the morning.

Call us and we will find a solution. We can come to you or find a bicycle mechanic nearby, whichever is easiest and most convenient.

Our rental bikes

TypeModelFrame heightBrakesGearsReturnLock
CitybikeLadies42 to 54cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-bikeLadies50 to 54cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
CargobikeTwo wheels, three wheels50cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-cargo bikeTwo wheels50cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
TandemTwo seats50cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
Parent-Child TandemLow seat in front50cmHandbrakes724/7Double lock
E-tandemTwo wheels electric50cmHandbrakes7Within opening hoursDouble lock
Kid’s bikeLadies20 and 24 inch wheelsHandbrakes324/7Double lock

The e-bike has a reach of 80km. The e-cargobike and e-tandem between 50 and 70km. This very well depends on the amount of peddling by the driver and the support level. A little wind in the back will also help!

Routes and tours

The routes we made go through Leiden, to Katwijk (beach), through the Bulb region (Keukenhof), through Meijendel (The Hague) and along the Kaag.

Our routes use the Dutch junction point network. This is a connected grid of cycling routes using numbers to indicate where to go. If you are going to junciton 5 you follow the green and white signs saying 5 until you reach it. When you get there you go to 11 for example. You continue this until you have finished the whole route.

Using the Fietsnetwerk app you can easily follow the route on your phone and see where you are on the map.

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Routes and tours

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