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Our mission is to make sure people can cycle easily, affordable and carefree. We try to accomplish this in three ways:

Second hand lease bikes. We recycle left-over bikes and get them back on the streets as refurbished lease bikes. For a fixed fee you get a bike, including maintenance and service.

Bike rental. A nice day on the road without a care in the world. A decent bike, fun cycling routes and easily booked. From citybike to electric bikes, everyone can enjoy a nice day on a bike.

Electric bikes. We offer the convenience of an E-bike without the risks and hassle. We select the bike with which you can cycle for many years to come. Adjust it you your needs and let us take care of it.

We collect bikes from various parties. From municipalities,  appartment managers or people who have an extra bike in the shed. We take in these bikes and see if we can recycle them.

We have bikes with pedal brakes or handbrakes and gears. See our page about Our bikes for more information.

You can pay online or in the store at the beginning of your subscription. Then you can choose for a direct debit payment or prepaid. With direct debit your subscription will be automatically extended at the beginning of each month. We will automatically withdraw the money from your bank account, a valid IBAN is herefore required. You can also pay for a selected period in advance with prepaid. After that you can easily extend the contract in the shop or hand in the bike.

You can hand in the bike at the end of the rental period and you will get your deposit back.

The minimal leasing period is 3 months. If you need a bike for a few days we have rental bikes, which you can rent per day. See our page Bike Rental for more information.

Our bikes

Just come over. We will fix your bike within 30 minutes or you get a another one from us.

Visit us within 48 hours to declare the theft of the bike to the police. Afterwards your pay a new deposit and you can take another bike with you.

You can trade in your old bicycle for a free month of leasing. It’s also possible to lease it back. We fix up your bike and give it a beautiful red seat. Your bike does have to be approved by our mechanics. Not every bikes has it in it to become a true EasyFiets.

We have a wide range of bikes to choose from. Typical Dutch granny bikes, men’s bikes with or without gears.

Yes, all of our bikes are equipped with an Axa ringlock. You can also rent or buy a chain lock so you can lock it to something.

Yes, all bikes are equipped with a front- and backlight. If these break down or if the batteries die out, just stop by and we fix it for free. Don’t drive around without light, it’s dangerous and you can get a pretty big fine.


Wil je gebruik maken van een EasyFiets Recycled dan zijn deze meestal de volgende dag leverbaar. Afhankelijk van de ordergrootte natuurlijk.

Voor op maat gemaakte bedrijfsfietsen ligt dit aan de grootte en complexiteit van de order. Meestal worden deze fietsen binnen één of twee maanden geleverd. Als er in de tussentijd fietsen nodig zijn kunnen we altijd even kijken of we iets kunnen regelen.

Als wij fietsen leveren doen we ook het onderhoud. Zo kunnen we garanderen dat de fietsen maximaal inzetbaar blijven en zo lang mogelijk meegaan.

Staan er al bedrijfsfietsen of dienstfietsen? Dan kunnen wij er voor zorgen dat deze altijd goed inzetbaar blijven. We komen graag langs en stellen een vrijblijvende offerte op voor het onderhoud van de fietsen.

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